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BJ Live

Joaquín Romero. Fundador de BJ Adaptaciones.

Technology has helped to improve my life. Our hope is that it can help many more people.

Joaquín Romero. Founder of BJLive!

We started in 2002, when Joaquín Romero, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, decided to combat the disease and become deeply committed to this endeavor. Joaquin and his brother Borja, both technical engineers, decided to improve Joaquin's quality of life by automating his home. This became their first project of BJ Adaptaciones, the assistive technology company for the spanish market, and consolidated our mission to offer solutions to people who suffered from a disability. 

In 2011 BJ Adaptaciones decided to offer its solutions worldwide using BJLive! as our manufacturer's brand.

BJLive! was therefore founded on the principles of service, innovation, quality and optimism.

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