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People with cerebral palsy

People with cerebral palsy

Sometimes, movement disorders in people with cerebral palsy make it difficult to complete everyday tasks and can restrict communication, access to learning and participation in activities.

When motor issues are coupled with cognitive problems, activities and resources must be adapted to each person accordingly.

Assistive technology is particularly helpful for people with cerebral palsy as it allows them to complete everyday tasks such as using the computer, controlling their environment, studying and enjoying leisure activities in a simplified, alternative way.

BJLive! has extensive experience in providing support and assistance for people with cerebral palsy.

How can we help you?

We have the expertise to create personalized solutions that:
  • Encourage play and participation in simple activities.

  • Boost communicative intent with cause and effect activities.

  • Control the environment, ranging from toys to the entire home.

  • Facilitate alternative access to computers, telephones or tablets.

  • Provide multisensory spaces for therapeutic work.

  • Offer alternatives for adapted, accessible leisure and wellbeing activities within the home.
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