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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


People with autism can have difficulties with sensory integration, communication and autonomy.

Technology can be a fantastic support resource for them, as it is predictable and visual. Our sensory and educational materials enhance learning and communication in a way that can be adapted to every person.

BJLive! has cooperated with numerous organizations that work with people on the autistic spectrum, taking part in investigation, diffusion and training projects.

How can we help you?

We can help you provide a stimulating environment to:
  • Boost communicative intent with simple activities.

  • Use sensory materials to promote integration and interaction.

  • Create domestic environments for adapted, accessible leisure and personal autonomy.

  • Provide multisensory spaces for therapeutic work.

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Sit back in the right position. 1'5 x 1m

Arrange it to the most comfortable position. Ideal for spasticity and low muscle tone

Sit down and enjoy on this double chair

Sit down and enjoy on this triple sofa

Lie down or roll around this moldable mat

Ideal for the little ones

Sit down and enjoy on this sofa with armrests

Use it individually or form large soft surfaces

Large 40-inch touch screen with computer and more than 50 activities

Work out the movement and the balance in a funny way

75 x 60 x 50cm. High quality and durability

High quality and soft ramp

4 pieces that give a lot of scope

Up and down nonstop

Set 16: 4 pieces

Complete package not to stand still

Set 45: 5 pieces

Set 46: 5 pieces

High quality and durability

Take it wherever you want

Exciting effect of balls going up and down

The most immersive system for a sensory room

Control the whole room from your tablet

Choose among 6 different SHX scenes with your feet

Control the SHX room from this great panel and enjoy many other applications

Roll the die to control the whole room

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