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People with intellectual disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities such as Down’s syndrome or developmental delays can have difficulties with sensory integration, communication and some cognitive processes, presenting psychomotor, communication and/or behavioral issues.

We offer numerous products for creating stimulating activities and experiences that enhance learning, participation and autonomy.

BJLive! not only designs and creates this type of experience, but has also provided training to the major associations in Spain in this field. We put our expertise at the disposal of anyone with an intellectual disability.

How can we help you?

  • Simplify computer access depending on every person’s needs.
  • Carry out adapted games and cause and effect activities.
  • integration and interaction.
  • Offer alternatives for adapted, accessible leisure and wellbeing activities within the home.
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Control household appliances by means of a switch in a simple way and perform hundreds of activities

Control up to 4 different toys or adapted devices from your computer

Control any household element from your computer

The simplified environmental control

Useful for adapting toys with 9V batteries

Connect any switch and take your favourite pictures

Shall we do something wild?

Connect up to two switches to your computer

Choose the direction of the pointer with its big buttons

Create your custom-made mouse with external switches

Place the interactive panel on the floor

Enjoy the flavourings of your choice

High quality for your reflections

High quality for your reflections

Coat the walls in colour

Create color zones

Change the colour depending on the voice

Create small areas with UV light

LED Ultraviolet spotlight

Enjoy the sparkles of this sensory ball (20 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm).

Enjoy the sparkles of the 40 cm ball

Choose the best flavourings or create your mixtures

Enjoy this soft soil

Comfort that embraces your body

Ideal for corners. Accessible for mobile hoists

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