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People with intellectual disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities such as Down’s syndrome or developmental delays can have difficulties with sensory integration, communication and some cognitive processes, presenting psychomotor, communication and/or behavioral issues.

We offer numerous products for creating stimulating activities and experiences that enhance learning, participation and autonomy.

BJLive! not only designs and creates this type of experience, but has also provided training to the major associations in Spain in this field. We put our expertise at the disposal of anyone with an intellectual disability.

How can we help you?

  • Simplify computer access depending on every person’s needs.
  • Carry out adapted games and cause and effect activities.
  • integration and interaction.
  • Offer alternatives for adapted, accessible leisure and wellbeing activities within the home.
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High quality and soft ramp

4 pieces that give a lot of scope

Up and down nonstop

Set 16: 4 pieces

Complete package not to stand still

Set 45: 5 pieces

Set 46: 5 pieces

Set 47: 6 pieces

High quality and durability

Up and down, down and up

Take it wherever you want

Amazing visual effect with bubbles

Control its colours and enjoy this fantastic element

The tube that works coordinately with the SHX room

Stunning light effect coming from the sky

The fibre optics shower that works coordinately with the SHX room

Enjoy the pleasure of touching the colours

Choose the colors of up to two tubes or fibre optics wireless

Exciting effect of balls going up and down

The most immersive system for a sensory room

Choose among 6 different SHX scenes

Direct, sequential, random or scanning access to the SHX scenes

Control the whole room from your tablet

Choose among 6 different SHX scenes with your feet

Control the SHX room from this great panel and enjoy many other applications

Roll the die to control the whole room

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