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The Elderly

The Elderly

“If we live long enough, we’ll have a disability.” This phrase reminds us that if nothing unexpected happens, we will reach an advanced age and probably have some limitations.

Our experience in dealing with disabilities is of particular value to the elderly, who find solutions when they encounter sensory or motor difficulties, or if they are diagnosed with an additional condition such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

Our solutions for the elderly serve to make everyday life at home more comfortable and provide resources for care centers that allow them to carry out stimulating, adapted experiences that interest the older generation.

How can we help you?

Some of the situations we can help you to solve are:
  • Making computer use easier with simplified computer mice.
  • Offering alternatives for adapted home control.
  • Creating sensory spaces for care centers for the elderly.
  • Offering accessible sensory environments for the elderly in their own home...
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Control up to 112 household devices in an accessible manner

Control up to 11 household elements in an integrative and accessible way

Trigger an alarm in another room

Choose the direction of the pointer with its big buttons

Place the interactive panel on the floor

Enjoy the flavourings of your choice

The tube or fibre will change its colour depending on the face that comes out

High quality for your reflections. 110 cm

High quality for your reflections. 110 cm

High quality for your reflections. 86 cm

High quality for your reflections. 86 cm

Coat the walls in colour

Create color zones

Change the colour depending on the voice

Create small areas with UV light

LED Ultraviolet spotlight

Create a UV atmosphere

Enjoy the sparkles of the 20 cm ball

Enjoy the sparkles of the 40 cm ball

Choose the best flavourings or create your mixtures

Enjoy this soft soil

Comfort that embraces your body

Ideal for corners. 24 cm high

Ideal for corners. Accessible for mobile hoists

Last element in a concave and convex chain. 24 cm high

Last element in a concave and convex chain. Accessible for mobile hoists

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