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Room Models

➤ Download now our Multisensory Catalogue and discover sensory rooms as you never imagined.

Choose the room that best suits the needs of the end users from our pre-designed rooms. You can also complement each of them with more materials and accessories depending on your project.

All standard rooms are safe and accessible environments to work with all the senses, although they each focus on working on a specific area in detail: perception, exploration, interaction, well-being, learning, fun...

  • Essentials Room: This design includes the fundamental elements in a multisensory room to work with all the senses and create an incredible atmosphere. 

  • Adventure Room: Multisensory rooms provide us with a safe and accessible environment that encourages exploration and discovery. 
  • Univers Room: This room, based on SHX technology, offers endless options to ensure the users are the main actors can find amazing activities to do. 
  • Enjoy Room: Multisensory rooms are pleasant spaces that encourage a positive spirit and good predisposition to do any other activity. They are also a privileged space to enjoy any audiovisual resource immersively. 
  • Bridges Room: Multisensory rooms are an excellent tool for any learning: visual and auditory discrimination, learning colours, numbers, animals, seasons, music… your imagination sets the limits.

The fundamental elements for all the senses

Exploration in all respects

Create the universes you imagine, controlling the whole room at once

Immersive audiovisual aids as well as authentic multimedia and multisensory contents

Learning through sensory resources

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