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Interact with light as never before!

Luminea devices allow you to control their colours changing them from the Luminea App and interacting with the devices and the light as well as do many activities.

You can also modify and interact Luminea devices through a 6 button remote, a giant die, your favorite switch, or even play it in automatic mode.

You can use Luminea devices individually, at the same time, or also as part of an SHX multisensory environment, which offers even more possibilities of interaction, control and immersion.


Control the colours in the light as never before

Shine your light

Much more than a bubble tube

Illuminate your room with this curtain

Stunning light effect coming from the sky

Enjoy the pleasure of touching the colours

Stunning effect of luminous stars on the ceiling

Enlighten your room and play with light

Enlighten your room and play with light

Attractive luminous sphere

Amazing multi-coloured lamp

Change the colors of this lighted ball pool

Change the colors of this lighted and vibrating ball pit 

Change the colors of the tube or the fiber

Illuminate your room with this curtain

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