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SHX System

The technology developed by BJLive! allows all the resources and solutions present in the room to act in coordination to create integral stimulation environments.

The presence of a single control system (SXH system) allows the integration of all the interactive and multimedia elements of the room.

This makes it possible to create thematic environments or design specific activities with infinite interaction possibilities depending on each user's needs.

A system that allows you to control the level of stimulation and the method of interaction to adapt the space to each user, to carry out impressive activities or experience the games and sensory stories as if you were part of them

In addition, all devices, from sound and video players to bubble tubes and fibre optics, can be activated and controlled simultaneously from a tablet, a simplified button panel and even with the eyes.

The scenes and features of the SHX System have been designed and tested by professionals specialising in special educational needs, occupational therapists, psychologists and developers who are experts in usability and interaction.

The core of the most versatile and advanced sensory rooms.

The tube that works coordinately with the SHX room

The fibre optics that works coordinately with the whole room

The fibre optics shower that works coordinately with the SHX room

The lighted ball pool that works with the SHX room

Coat the walls in colour

It's windy, do you want to feel the fresh air?

Do you fancy a starry sky?

Attractive luminous sphere

Amazing multi-coloured lamp

Feel the moisture and play

Control the whole room from your tablet

Choose among 6 different SHX scenes

Choose among 6 different SHX scenes with your feet

Direct, sequential, random or scanning access to the SHX scenes

Roll the die to control the whole room

Control the SHX room from this great panel and enjoy many other applications

Convert the voice into vibration or colours

Create color zones

Turn on/off your household appliances or adapted devices

A disco effect in your own home!

Customized welfare and leisure

Coat the walls in color

The fibre optics that works coordinately with the whole room

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