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Multisensory Environments

Multisensory Environments

Multisensory rooms are environments for controlling sensory stimulation aiming at helping its users in a therapeutic way by providing lots of benefits such as: boosting intellectual activity, promoting interaction and communication or providing relaxation. They are ideal for therapy, learning, stimulation, relaxation and fun. in BJLive! we have developed an evolution of the sensory rooms: the SHX System, which goes a step further and makes rooms totally immersive, interactive, and customizable.

At BJLive! we are international specialists in the design and installation of multisensory rooms with a proven expertise with over 400 sensory rooms successfully installed worldwide.

We design customized sensory rooms adapted to the specific needs of every client, meeting his requirements and focused in his users:

  • Our projects are 100% designed and tailored to the needs of the end users.
  • Our unique technology, the SHX System, provides a really immersive experience by allowing the users to interact with the room and control lots of surrounding effects.


The possibilities of configuration are unlimited! The SHX System allows you to enjoy the multiple effects in the room and activate them by separate or at the same time according to what you want to convey. The room will be filled with light and inspiration thanks to effects, such as: picturesvideoslightingmusicsoundsvibrationbubble tubes, optic fiber optics, and other surrounding effects. 

Thanks to this one control system all the interactive and multimedia elements in the room can be controlled from a single controller, like a Tablet included within the SHX Rack and SHX Compactwhich serves as a remote control to activate every element in the room. The user can also activathe the elements by using: a switch, die, mat, carpet, and other SHX controllers or touch panels.

BJLive! multisensory rooms can be adapted to multiple therapeutic objectives depending on every user. They are suitable for working with cerebral palsy, by encouraging interaction with the environment, ASD (autism), by learning to regulate stimuli, cognitive abilities in people with dementia, early stimulation, by offering positive sensory experiences to infants, and other therapeutic work with children as well as adults.

➤ Download now our Multisensory Catalogue and discover sensory rooms as you never imagined.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.


A sensory space wherever you want

Real Objects come alive in the room

Control the colours in the light as never before

Snuggle, rock, swing,... feel the comfort and the wellness

Comfort that embraces your body

The fundamental elements for all the senses

Exploration in all respects

Create the universes you imagine, controlling the whole room at once

Immersive audiovisual aids as well as authentic multimedia and multisensory contents

Learning through sensory resources

Designed to feel the vibration of the music or the video sounds running through your body. 

The most immersive system for a sensory room

The most immersive system for a sensory room is now dual display

Stunning light effect coming from the sky

Open your senses to the UV light

LED Ultraviolet spotlight

Real Objects come alive in the room

Anchor support for the Snuggle Bag

Illuminate your room with this curtain

Shine your light

Illuminate your room with this curtain

Push the button and dive into a new world

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