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Multisensory Environments

Multisensory Environments

At BJLive! We are international specialists in the design and installation of multisensory rooms.  We design multisensory rooms adapted to all the needs of the project and the users who are going to participate in them.

From BJLive! we can help you because:

  • Our projects are 100% designed and tailored to the needs of the end users.
  • You will access the best and most innovative technology on the market for multisensory rooms: the SHX system, well-known and implemented in several countries.

 Customised tailor-made spaces based on a series of standard rooms that allow us to more closely adapt each project to different centres and budgets.

One of the main advances and innovations of BJLive! multisensory rooms lie in the possibility of creating new interactive worlds which, in turn, can be customised according to each user's specific needs.

 BJLive! multisensory rooms! can be adapted to different therapeutic objectives depending on each user. They can be a space for people with cerebral palsy to encourage their interaction with the environment, but they can also become an environment in which children and adults with autism learn to regulate stimuli, and they can even be used to work with memory and cognitive abilities in people with dementia or to offer positive sensory experiences to infants.


The tube that works coordinately with the SHX room

Stunning light effect coming from the sky

The tube or fibre will change its colour depending on the face that comes out

Comfort that embraces your body

Stunning effect of luminous stars on the ceiling

The fundamental elements for all the senses

Exploration in all respects

Create the universes you imagine, controlling the whole room at once

Immersive audiovisual aids as well as authentic multimedia and multisensory contents

Learning through sensory resources

The most immersive system for a sensory room

The most immersive system for a sensory room is now dual display

Real Objects come alive in the room

Swing and feel the calm

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